Monday, July 29, 2013

The Fabulous London City review

Well, London  City  its  been a while,  that's  the last time  I  use  Lindo-Print  to get  my  photo's took 3 weeks.... on  the  plus  side I have 3 weeks  of  pure  unadulterated  excitement and  fun to report  on  ....

So,  the story so far...

We  are  celebrating  London  City's  4th  Birthday, wow  4 years  on  I can't  believe it, it's  zoomed  by,  and  London City  goes from strength  to  strength, the forefront  of innovation, fun, new  ideas, and  the best entertainment  in  Second  Life.

Every Saturday Regents Park plays  host to  a  LIVE open  air concert, free and  open  for everyone.
Over  the last 3 weeks we have  seen  the  likes  of  (  are  you sitting  down  for  this  ? )
1. Tom  Jones, 2.The Beach Boys,3.The Drifters...can  you  believe  it ... I know !!!!

Tom  Jones  on stage  to  roars and  screams  form  the crowd, we love a bit  of  Tom, its been well over a year since  he's been to  London with his busy schedule.

He arrived  on  stage... with That Hair,  That Hip Shaking Wiggle, That Voice... no wonder all  the ladies swooned.

 Tom Jones, ( no relation ) born Thomas  John  Woodward in  June 1940 in Wales.
Tom, has sung from many genre over  the years  from  Pop, Rock, R&B,Show Tunes,  Country, Dance, Soul and  Gospel, and  has  sold  over  100  million records.

Next  up  The Beach  Boys, American  Rock band  from California,  in  1961, they are best known for  reflecting Southern California  youth  culture  of surfing, cars  and  romance in their  lyrics.

 The  first time to  London City,  they went down  a storm, helping  us  celebrate  our 3rd  birthday.

Relax...That's  not a Beach  Boy  on  fire, it's  one  of  our  birthday candles. I wish  I'd  known  before calling  999.

Last but by  no means  least,  The  Drifters,  second  time  in  London  City.
They are an American  Do-wop and  R&B vocal  group, formed  in 1953.

Playing some  of  their  awesome  hits we all  know  and  love, think  you don't know any  of  their tunes  guess again... we all sang along to  "Save  The Last Dance  For  Me", "There Goes  MY Baby" "Under The Board Walk" and  many  more.

More fun in  London City during  the heatwave, we all  cooled  down  in  the  pool right in  the hub  how refreshing.

That's all from  me  this week, I'll see you  next time for  more  fun and  frolics  in  London  City.... number 1 destination  in Second  Life.

Roving  Reporter  Ruby  xxx

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