Monday, April 08, 2013

London's Lesbian Cafe Opens

As part of the Lifestyles areas in London City, the girls only Cafe, London Dykes on Bikes is now open for business!

As with everything you will see in London City, it is built by us and not just rezzed out of a box,  making London City original!

The malt shopped themed cafe featuring motorbikes and scantily clad waitresses is the new hangout for gay women in London.

Here you will meet others and make friends,  have a drink and dance, perhaps before going on to one of the many themed Nightclubs here in London City.

What's more, female avatars can work here greeting customers and earn tips.  So if you're a bit short of cash or just starting on the SL journey, this is an excellent place to get started!

Visit it here

London City - The London you can't stop thinking about.

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