Monday, April 01, 2013

The Fabulous Easter Weekend Review

Happy Easter to  ALL that Celebrate  it, Happy Weekend to ALL those  who don't... and what a fantastic weekend  we have  had , whatever  your beliefs, as always, we had  a fabulous weekend  in  London  City, Fun ,  Lively and Full On.

With  Easter  holidays  in  RL, London  City  was  busier  than  ever,  brimming with people ready  to  be  entertained, and  never  one  to  fall short,  London  City  sprang  in to  the  party mood, and delivered 110% pure  FUN....

Early on the  Hub  in Soho is  filling  up, friends meeting up, chatting, sharing  stories, If  you want to  meet  people , make  new  friends, we have  2  Hubs in  London  City... Friendly , fun, with all  the best people  in  SL .

Always  busy, London  City  hubs are a  great  place  to meet  up, before  you head  into  town  and  our great venues.

Easter Weekend ,  is always a fun affair  in  London City, We  had  an Easter  Egg hunt, where  all  the Residents  could  hunt around  the sim, clicking  on  the Eggs... some  held  a  nice  surprise, but some exploded making us  jump. giggles all round. It was  eggcellent, and  that's  no  yolk!!! ...groans

If egg  hunting  was  too sedate  for  you... how about a race  or  two... remember  the egg and spoon race  when  you were a kid?  you'd  make a mad dash  with  an egg  on a spoon hoping  you  don't  make a n  omelette... well  London  city  style make a dash wearing the egg and spoon... this race always  makes  me  laugh, watching  people waddling around  the sim, I could watch  these  all  day, a couple  of  laps and we have a winner.

We also  have a  tongue  in cheek Annual Crucifix race, where  people  take  to  the streets  and scarper  round  the sim wearing a crucifix as  fast  as  they can manage.
Everyone  loves  these races  and  all  the fun we have.

The right  way  to  hang around  London city.

Retro at  Substation

All weekend, we ran  best in  Easter  style events at  our venues, from Substation, Bar Soho, The  Crown, Madame  Lala's,  The Worlds End, all joining  in  with  the vibe... Juiced gave you a "blank" Easter bonnet to decorate yourself, and  join  an  Easter Bonnet  Parade, what a hoot,  there were some  awesome  Bonnets colourful and  unique.
saucy fun at  The  Crown

Themed  night at  Juiced

This weekend  also  saw  the Fabulous  SPICE  GIRLS in concert,  it's  the first time  the girls  had  performed  in  Regents  Park, but  WOW!!! what a night 1 word AWESOME...

The  Spice  Girls  for  those  who  don't know... ( I can't  imagine  there's many  who  don't  know ) are an  all girl British pop band, founded  in 1994,  they were given  nicknames which they adopted,  Scary,  Sporty, Baby,  Ginger and  Posh.

They released their  d├ębut single "Wannabe" which  hit  the top spot, number 1  in more  than  30 countries. They have  sold  over  80 million records world wide, and became a global phenomenon.

Regents Park was  packed to  the brim, when the  girls  took  to the stage, wearing   their  signature outfits, the girls went down a storm, it was a real  pleasure  having the girls  in  the park, and  I'm sure  they will return  very  soon.

To close  the  Easter  Celebrations, we had a  fantastic  beach party,  fed  up  with the  cold we decided  to bring  London  City  a  little  sunshine,  it was great to get  our swimwear  on and  party to some  Motown.

We all had  a wonderful  Easter weekend  in  the best sim  in SL.

That's all from  me  this week, I'll see  you next time  for  more  fun  and  frolics  in  London  City xx

Roving Reporter  Ruby xxx

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