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The Fabulous Weekend Review

Hey  London  City what's  happening ?
Well,  it seems real  life London  decided  to follow  us and  take  our  lead, fed  up with the horrid weather, we  declared SUMMER  IN THE CITY.... and  I think  it heard  us... its  been glorious weather here... I think  this  is  the  first time I've seen  people  smiling  this year :P....

Gobby  Magoo arrives  in  London City
So, as a new  Resident  to  London City, what can  you expect  to  find  here...  I caught  up with  Gobby  Magoo ( a new  resident to second  life) ...lets follow her  on  her journey around the awesome  London  City.
First  off Gobby landed in  Sim  1  hub,  this is  located in  Soho, one  of  two  hubs  in  London  City, here  people gather, it's a great place to  make  new friends, catch  up  on  all  the gossips, meet before  heading  into  the city for fantastic  night  life.

I asked  Gobby  what she  thought  of  the the hub  in  Soho...
"Well" she said " its  has  everything  I expect  London to be...Bright and  Bustling, and  loads  of  people  about" ...
She wasn't wrong, London City  is always  busy, with fun  loving people.

Some  of  the  first  people  you will meet on arriving  are  our  fabulous  greeters, a dedicated  team  of  people, who enjoy nothing better than a good  chin wag, and helping  all new residents  find their way round  London  City, these guys are worth  their weight  in  gold, always ready to lend a helping  hand  to  the new residents.
Here's a few  of  the team  that wanted to say  hi.

Hi, I'm Tourma  - I've  been a London Greeter for about 5 months although I've been in SL for over 6 years. I love the atmosphere in London - always busy and interesting, always something happening.  There are so many visitors from all round the world and the sense of Community is great.  We often have lots of fun chatting and bantering together and I've made some good friends and enjoy welcoming and helping new people that arrive at the Welcome Hub.

Hi, I'm  RonnieQ, I joined the  London City team in October 2011 (halloween day!)

I really dot know what to say about myself, im a happy person, (or try to be) how likes to hang around, chat and help new residents. 2011 (Halloween day!) (Spooky!!)

Hi I'm longjohn. I have been in Second Life over a year nowI've been working  as a greeter a few weeks now. It's nice helping the new comers. Lots to learn. I also host at Madam Lala's which is a chuckle.

Hi,  I'm CoffeeQueen, most people call  me  CQ,I've been working in London for about 1 and a half years now.  I started off hosting in Bar Soho, and now also work in Substation and run The Worlds End Pub with Katty.

I thoroughly enjoy my work in London, and have made lots of dear friends along the way.  What I enjoy most about working in London is the people.  I have met so many nice people since I arrived in London, and love to see the regulars who join us at the events.

 Haloooo I'm Lokirat, been in London for almost a year, and sl for 3 years. I love working in London for the parties and events we have, there's a great community spirit, and we're all here for each other no matter what goes on in RL. I wouldn't leave for the world! :)

and  they are all under  the watchful  eye  of  Evie.

Name: Evie
Time in SL: almost 4 years
Time working in london: almost two years (I think)

I enjoy the interaction of SL and love that I can log on and chat to so many different types of people globally.  I also believe in supporting others to come into and enjoy our community

And I'm a naturally stubborn person so I love a spot of ping-pong!

And on  behalf  of  all  the team and managers we want to say  thank  you for all  their hard work xx

If  you think you have what  it takes  to be a greeter,  if  you  like  to chat and  help people. Contact Evie or  Bean in-world, and maybe  you can  become  one  of  our fantastic  team.

too  much too soon :P
I decided to  take  Gobby aound  some  of  the wonderful  venues  in  London  City... we jumped  in a mini,  this little car  drove  us  around  the sims  giving  us  landmarks  and  information as we  took  in all  the sights.... we decided  to  get  out at  The  crown  Pub...  The Crown  is  found  in  Sim  3 Victoria,  its an  adult  pub,  with adult  themes, this  is  for Adults  only, and for  no  strings  fun, hot and steamy... sensing  this  wasn't actually Gobby's  cup  of  tea, we moved  on  to  Substation.

Substation, found  in Soho, a retro place, where everything  is a golden  oldie,

the venue  is  a throw  back to  the 60's and  the music  certainly gets  your  foot tapping with all  the great tunes we  know  and  love. We found  ourselves at a Horror event,  where everyone dressed in scary costumes  for a chance to win  some  Linden Dollars.

Then  we  moved  on to Bar Soho,  fresh, clean, and swanky,  Bar  Soho is  for  the  music  lovers, boasting a different Dj, Host  combination nightly, Bar Soho is the place to see and  be  seen.

right after the events  closed, its time to say goodnight before  heading  off elsewhere in  London  City...we had a group  hug.

Every Saturday Regents  Park  plays  host  to  an awesome  LIVE  open air concert,  that  is  totally free to attend.... This week i  took Gobby along, you  will  never  guess who was  in  concert... go on ... have a guess....

Only  the awesomely talented  Helvis  Xue!!!!

Have some  of  that!!!

Helvis is  a fantastic  singer, singing  all  kinds  of  modern songs  with an Elvis  twist. Its a totally different take, and  thoroughly enjoyable.

Helvis  sang  his  socks  off  for  over an hour,
entertaining  us  not only with  his awesome voice,  but  his fun banter, this guy really know how to work a crowd,  much  like  the  King himself.

As always  people flocked in to  the park, filling  it  up very quickly, it's always advisable to get  there early to get  your place  on  the dance floor.

 Gobby and  I were  there partying  with  the best of  them.

I think  I for one partied a bit too  hard ... oops

Thank  heavens  for  the Sunday Smooth at  Lala's, with  Bailey spinning some soothing easy listening  music, and fun relaxed banter.... A come as  you are event, what could be simpler....

Later we bumped  in  to  Regent Hoof  himself...Regent  is  the  Jr Ewing  of  London City, he had  this  to say " Nice  t*ts toots"

I asked  him  if  he would  like  to share a few words with  us  on  the blog....
"toots, I'm too busy to fart, let alone talk.  Tell um how wonderful their old mate Regent is.  Find some way of letting the birds know that I'm a man of power and will get them a kebab afterwards and a taxi home.   Well a minicab cos its cheaper."

Ahem ... moving  on ...

Gobby and  I  moved  on to  Juiced,,, a  themed  club with a difference.... the themes change daily, along  with the d├ęcor,  plus  the music  is  themed  to the event  to boot ...we had a right old  hoot, as we attended a biker night event.

BUT  THEN ......

SHHHHHHH!!! I think  it's all been a bit  much for  our  new friend Gobby  Magoo,  lets  let  her sleep it  off....

And we still had  loads  more venues  to  Visit,... The Worlds End in  the West  End  sim 2.
Dykes  on  Bikes and  the SweatBox Sauna,  The Palladium to mention  but a few,  oh well,  we can  hit  them  next  time, sleep well Gobby xxx

I caught  up with  Gobby again, after she had  visited a few  other sims  found  in  SL, I asked  her what she thought  of  them .....

well... I guess  that says  it all  :)

Thats all from me  this week, I'll see you  in  London City ( the best destination in  SL) next time for  more fun and  frolics xxx

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxxx

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