Monday, April 08, 2013

The Fabulous Weekend Review 5th -7th April 2013

Hey London  City  peeps,  how you doing?
If you  joined  us  for the weekend,  you had another great time, week after week we pull it out the bag and  bring  you  bigger and  better, totally unique and  unparalleled.

Just  how do we do  it... It's a question on peoples  minds constantly .... not only  do  we have  the best  staff, from Friendly greeters, found  in  the  hubs to venue  hosts, Dj's  and  mangers, all our staff are trained and  professional with one goal, to make  your  visit to London  City most enjoyable time ... this is what  keeps  us the  Top  Location  in Second  Life.

At last the weekend  is here, London  is busier  than  ever, party people  looking  for  top fun, and we  gave  it to them in abundance....

Themed  events, Chances to win  Lindens, Great  Music, Live Events.... this  weeks  LIVE  Event in  Regents  Park  had  one  of  SL's  Super Stars and  Friend  on  London City..... ( drum roll)
Adevina Citron .....wooooooo hell yeah!!!!

This lady is awesome, we simply  adore her, awesome  voice, fun, full of banter.... When  Adevina  hits  London, she  hits  hard, and  takes  no  prisoners...

Taking  Live Requests from the audience, and singing a full and  total mix of  popular  songs, no wonder she  has a dedicated  following, we totally adore  her.

Always  one for a joke  Adevina entertains  us  in many ways, everyone has  an awesome  time.

Looking  gorgeous  dressed  in  red  high waisted pants and stripy
 top, she sang her heart out for over an hour of delicious tunes, in her own interpretation of  well known  hits.

London City, always  fresh and  new, keeping  up to date with  real life  London, using  the latest technology and  ideas,  keeping  us way ahead, and  giving others  something to think about  .... constantly.

My focus this week is  on  Juiced,  a themed  night  club in  Victoria, Sim 3.

Open  5 nights a week, 2:30 pm slt,  the largest club  in London City.

This is a chameleon  club,  by way  of  changing  the d├ęcor daily to suit  the theme, so every night the club transforms  and whisks  you away  to a complete virtual experience, with  themed music to boot.

This week we saw a cool  jazz club, where  guests wore  cocktail attire for a chance to win Lindens.

Sunday  we were taken to  a tropical  coral reef. We all dressed as  an Ocean  creature.


All  this  month, London City   brings you  the summer  sun....we are all a bit  tired  of the perpetual winter..and  Juiced  joined  in  with a hot sunny beach.

Also  in Victoria, you can  find  The Crown  Pub... This is an Adult  Pub, for anyone who likes saucy no strings  fun.... Always  busy, with  tongue  in cheek events and playing great dance music.

Big  things are happening  in  London City so  keep your eyes  peeled, and watch this space...

New  Dykes  on  Bikes club. This club  is especially  for  Lesbians to hang  out,  dance and earn  Lindens

Also  in  London  City  this weekend , Substation, and  The Worlds end kicked  us  off ... exactly what Fridays were made for. Both  totally  Unique and have a huge following  in  their  own  rights.

Bar Soho opens 1pm slt, and Friday  night finds  yours truly playing the best Hardcore  and  Dubstep... Arrive early as  we do get  packed  out.

Madame  Lala's also  had a special guest turn  this  weekend, Dame  Shirley  Bassey, singing a medley of  her  greatest hits, one  of  Madame  Lala's  drinking  buddies Dame Bassey has still got it effortlessly entertaining us all.


Well  that's all from  me  this week,  I  will see  you next time for  more  fun and  frolics in  London  City... Number 1 destination  in  SL...accept no  imitations.

Roving  Reporter  Ruby. xxx

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