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The Fabulous London City Review

Hi  there, did  you  miss  me ?? what  do  you  mean "with every  bullet so far  "  how rude lol.

Today, I was  thinking  about  everyone's  journey  and  how  they came  to be  in SL. Each  of  us  unique  in  our  story  that bought  us  here,  maybe you had  a failing door-to-door business that never  really  took  off, like  most of  the things  you do, and  you ran  up  huge  debts, and  had  to  flee  the country, and  now  sit  on a sunbed , tanning yourself and logging into Second  Life.....

Maybe  you are  trainee in a profession, teacher or  nurse and  have  two  small troll looking children and  don't get to go out much, in fear  of angry  torch wielding villagers,  so  SL is  your only escape, where  you can  interact  with people and  pretend  to be  important,  or  maybe  you are a couple  of  RL entrepreneurs who have opened a successful  sim and  want  to entertain people and  bring  joy  all round ,  Like  London  City does, what ever  your reason  for  being  here,  I want to  give you a huge  big  Welcome, what ever your reasons  for  being  here  chances  are  you will find  your way  to  Second  Life's most successful  destination  ... London  City, where you will be made to feel welcome and  thoroughly entertained from  the  minute  you  land  'til you can  prize yourself  off  the keyboard  at bedtime.

(any reference made to  individuals  hold no resemblance to anyone  alive or dead, and  any  similarities  are purely coincidental)

So  lets  take a look  at our  fantastic  destination, here you will see a sim  rich with  colour, bursting  with atmosphere, full of  everyday  people, who come to  chill and relax with  great  friends in wonderful surroundings  that  are  LONDON CITY.

So what do we  do that works  so well, and  other places fail so miserably at?

We have a great team  of dedicated  individuals, from Greeter  Staff and Support, who you will more  than  likely  meet as  soon as  you  land  in  London City,  to lively and  enthusiastic  Club  Hosts, and  Club  Managers, right  up  to  the Management and  Owners  of  this awesome  destination.

It's no  big secret, it's not magic, we are  just a team  of  people  who  all get  on  and  we all  have  one  thing  in common, to make  your visit with  us  the most  enjoyable and fun  you can  have  in  SL.

This is where  the other  places  don't cut the mustard, it really does  make  us  chuckle  when  people put themselves  forward as  contenders,  and  make a meal  out of  trying  to  put  us  down, seriously .... there is no comparison, more, we just  view  them  as  the snotty  nosed  snivelling  little  brother's  trying to  run  with the big kids.... but  who can blame  them really?

  London City  is  the  unparalleled place that sets  the standards  for  Virtual  Life  in  SL, the destination all others  aspire to emulate. We are  more  than  happy  taking the reigns, and  holding the top spot week in and  out, we constantly  strive to  bring  you  the best, and  we deliver,
with a cherry  on  the  top.

I am posting some  of  the beautiful  sights you can see  around  London City, all made  by  our wonderful and  talented  Billy  Arentire.  Billy has  an expert  eye for  detail, and  uses  rich colours and  textures that are  second  to  none.

As anyone who has  visited  London  City  know  we  follow  closely  the events that happen  in  RL  London and also  the  buildings , so Residents  who  choose  to  visit  us  get a great feeling  of actually  being  in  London and  taking  in the sights. Priding  ourselves  on  being  multicultural, many people from all  over  the globe visit us  on a daily basis.

 Just some  of  the events  that have taken place  in  London  City, From  our fantastic celebrations and  indomitable spirit or eurovision,  to the sad and  yet controversial Funeral of  Margaret  Thatcher, even  the   Riots that  hit  London in  RL. We were there every step of  the way. Oh and  the great British  summer weather.

Every week we hold  a fantastic  Open Air concert  in  Regents  Park  totally Free and available  for  everyone to enjoy. We see famous  acts  take  to  the stage  week in and  out  and  this weekend  we saw Steps.

What a hoot!!! we had a fantastic  time,  the band  were great,  they even sang a few  hits  from  Lady  Gaga, which was  totally  unexpected , but  worked really well.

We partied  right  into the small hours , which  huge  prizes for people to win  too, its such a great  night out, you actually forget you are sitting in ya own front room, the atmosphere is always electric  and  the people  are fun  loving  party  people ..... if  you haven't experienced  one  of  our  LIVE events  you seriously don't know  what  you are  missing.

That's  not all ya  know!!!

You don't just have to wait  for  the weekend to have  fun  in  London  City.... everyday  we  have  at least 6 venues  you  can visit to have  fun  in, form  Adult no strings  saucy fun of The Crown  in  Victoria, to Substation a retro yesteryear  club  Specialising in golden  oldies  from the  60's, 70's and  80's.

We have  several  Pubs,  one  of  which  The Worlds  End  a typical  Brit  pub,  with Quizzes and games,
Or maybe small and kitsch is  your  thing  with  star turns,  then  look  no  further than  Madame  Lala's,  love  music ? Head to  Bar  Soho, a different  genre  every  night  with host Dj's and  dynamic party hosts.

Or maybe you  like to  get  totally submerged in a theme  then  juiced  is  the  place to  go , changing  its  themes  and d├ęcor daily its a must  see for  the  fun  loving  individuals.

One  thing  for  sure ...  You visit  London  City  in  SL...  you  Will  NOT be  disappointed. something to suit every taste.

 Even  if  its  just  taking a seat, people watching and chilling  out.

London  City and  Second  Life .....truly  the best  place to  be ....accept  no  imitations!!!

Well  that's  all  from  me  this  week, I hope to see  you around  for  more  fun and  frolics in the best  place ... London  City xxx

Roving  Reporter Ruby xxx

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