Monday, May 13, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Hi  there  London  City.... Wooooohoooo  what  a fantastic time we  had  the  the  Number  1  destination  in Second  Life.
Week after  week  we  have  the best  fun  in  the awesome  London  City... Well,  you  know  that, you were  there...Record  amounts  of  party people in sim, looking for  top quality entertainment, and  finding  it  here with  us, yes we deliver the best entertainment  on  the grid. FACT!!

So, what can  you expect  to  find  in  the most  popular  destination  in SL?

Well, you  wont find  sad, grumpy people  with  chips  on  their  shoulders.... Quite  the opposite, we have  fun, chatty,  professional  staff, happy to see you  and dedicated to  bringing  you  the BEST virtual,  interactive fun everyday of  the week, we strive to  bring  you bigger and  better  than  anyone else  and  with record  numbers attending  our  events, we are happily  content  in  the knowledge we are  doing  it Right.

On arrival to  London  City,  you will find  yourself  in  one  of our  2  Hubs.  One  in  Soho and  the  other  in  Victoria, our  Adult sim.
Here you can chat, make  new  friends,  dance or just  chill and  hang  out,  always  busy and  bustling just  like  Real  Life  London, and  the reason  people from all over  the  globe come to a virtual  sim, to get a feel what  London is really like, and  they return time and time again.

You can  also  take part  in  one  of  our fabulous themed events in  one of our many clubs  throughout OUR London  sims.

Substation....the feel  here  is Retro,  playing  music  from 60's, 70's  and  80's... also  hosting retro  themes,  this is  the club for you  if  you like  golden oldies and  great  fun chat.

Bar Soho.....The  music  lovers  club  found  in  trendy  Soho, Great themed events, Bar Soho  boasts a different  Dj, Host  combination nightly, keeping the vibes  cool and fresh.

The  Worlds  End  Pub.....Looking for  a  local  to hang out in? The Worlds End  is a fun  Brit  Pub, Bingo, Truth  or  Dare, plus  other fun quizzes, good zany fun,  just  as  a Brit  pub  should  be.

The  Crown,  found  in  Victoria our  Adult Region,  not for  the faint hearted,  playing the best in  trance and high energy pop, with adult themed  events and banter, for   adults  looking for  no strings  fun. The photographs are just too saucy to share  with  you..

Juiced... A totally  themed  club, not only "Best in" events, but also  the music  and  d├ęcor...This is a great place to  get  totally submerged and  enjoy  a different theme everyday  of  the week.

 Dykes  on  Bikes... This is  a venue for  Lesbian  ladies  and their  friends, set  out  like a diner,  it's a cool  place to see and  be  seen.

Madame Lalas.... Based  on  Real  life  Madame  Jojo's,  this  is a wonderful  place  to let  your hair down and  party  the night away, with  great  and  varied  music  and  star turns  from many different entertainers.

As  you'll agree  there's something  there for everyone ...BUT WAIT ....  the fun doesn't  end  there...

Every Weekend  Regents  Park  plays  host to  a  fantastically awesome  LIVE show.  Here people from all  over  the grid  TP in  to see their favourite artists perform, totally free to attend,  just arrive  early as  this  event fills  to capacity  very quickly. We have had  many famous  acts  on custom built stages.

This week we  saw the legends  known as  The  BeeGees.

Founded  in  1958,  the BeeGees comprise  of  three brothers,  Barry, Robin  and  Maurice.
Popular  throughout their  singing career,  they had  exceptional success in  the 1970's.

The  brothers  Gibb, sang  in  a three part  tight  harmony  that  is  instantly recognisable, they have  sold  over 220 million  records  throughout the world, ranking them  amongst the most successful  recording artists  of  all  time.

We were totally  thrilled to  have  the  BeeGees  in London, and sang along to  some  of  their awesome  and well  known hits,  like "Staying  Alive",  "Night  Fever", "Tragedy" , "More  Than  A Woman" and  many, many  more.

We had a totally fantastic and   enjoyable time, with a huge amount of  Lindens  for  people to win, it was a great night all round,  but  then  what do  you expect... This IS  London  City The  Most Highly Rated  Sim  On  The  grid.

Well,  thats  all from  me  this week, we have had  so  much  fun, I'm going to need a whole week to get over it.....I will see you all next time for  more fun and  frolics  in  London  City ...No#1 in Second  Life....Accept no  imitations  xxxx

Roving  Reporter  Ruby XXX

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