Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Fabulous Week End Review

Hello  London  City  Peeps,  how  have  you  been ?
We have  had  some  magnificent going's on  in  London City,  it's all so exciting, you may  need to  put your  special  pants  on....

The  Job Centre has a new  look, if you have ever wanted to work  in SL, get yourself down to  the job centre and  fill  in an application form today.
You can also join  the Job Club, to hear all  the new and exciting jobs first. Experience not always necessary we have  something for everyone.

Bar Soho has had a new, very cool  interior...make sure  you check  it out...
Keeping  up with all  the  RL  London trends, Bar Soho  is  set to  Impress.
Opening  5 days a week from 1pm slt .... Bar Soho  is  the  music  lovers  venue.

The  Tea Room, has had a brand new  interior too, giving a retro feel,  here you can meet friends after a long day shopping in the awesome shops we have, and chill-out over a nice brew and sticky bun.

The Crown leaps  into action daily at 12pm slt
bringing you THE BEST in Adult Entertainment, not for  the faint  hearted, the Crown will have  your  toe  tapping and  your bits wobbling, with  it's daring events, and  the best  dance  music in SL.

We celebrated the  Beltane in Victoria at Juiced, welcoming  in  the Summer with an awesome  fire festival, dating back centuries.

Best in  Red, we gave free red body paint to all  those who attended, it was a truly magical  night, great fun  and awesome people.

Juiced isn't your typical club, its changes  its  décor daily to suit the themed event, this week we were also whisked away to a fabulous red carpet event,where the paparazzi turned  up and  the  LCTV cameras.

We decided to take  it easy in the warm summer sun, as juiced was transformed in to a gorgeous shady park, as we wore our summer finery.

As you know each week we host a fabulous  Live  open air concert in Regents Park, last week we saw  the awesome ABBA in concert, this band dating back to  the 70's really  knew how  to rock  London...we had a whale of a time...and not to be out done  we had  the Queen of Disco, Ms  Donna Summer..

Wow what a night... best  in summer wear, Donna sang all her wonderful  hits, you couldn't help wiggling  around  in your seat to all of them it was a fantastic show.

We do like a good  disco beat in  London and the Donna Summer  Live concert did  not disappoint, everything was funky, from  the dance floor to the exquisite custom built stage.
Everyone found  their  groove, and partied hard.. me included.

The band wore  typical  70's disco
sequins and glitter, looking gorgeous  than ever Donna belted  out some fine disco classics, such as  "Enough is Enough", "She works Hard For  The  Money","On  The Radio" and many many  more

Join  us  throughout May for a disco extravaganza, we will be bringing  you Disco events every week, so clear a space  in your diary  and get ya funky self  to  London  city  the top destination in SL.

And  look who came  to visit  us....
Sir Paul Raymond, the KING of SOHO.

We also ran awesome events  at Substations where you can here songs  from yesteryear, and always a fun  theme to get your teeth  into.

The Worlds End, everyone's favourite local  Brit  pub, fun, fun, fun all  the way Bingo, truth or dare  and pub quizzes all add up to a great night out.

Madame  Lala's... fun, energetic, tongue in cheek.. this place  is a must with great music to get down with ya bad self, Madame  Lala's  is  a wonderful  night  out  in itself. You'd be crazy to miss it.
Every Friday and  Sunday.

And remember  if you have 2 left feet and dancing  isn't  your thing, we have 2 bustling  hubs  you can hang  out  in and meet new  friends.
London City  is  the place to be...

Well  that's  all from  me  this  week, Ill see you for  more fun and frolics in  London  City  the  number  1 destination  in  SL  ... accept  no  imitations. XXX

Roving  Reporter  ruby  xxx

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