Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Hey  London City...what's  up?  How have  you been  over this last  week?
You know  how  some  weeks  go  faster  than  others... this one seems  to have  gone  with  a WHOOOSH!!!

A spectacular  whoosh too.....
Did  ya see  it?  Did  ya?  It was  the totally awesome  and  terribly camp  Eurovision Song  Contest , we at  London City love ,  love,  love Eurovision... we get right into  the spirit  of  it every year,  streaming  the whole  event  right  into  Regents  Park.... and  this  year  was  no exception....and  OMG...how fabulous  was it!!!

 The  Eurovision Song  Contest  began in 1956, and has celebrated  over 5 decades of success with over 1,100 songs being sung, and has  become  Europe's  collective  favourite TV show, 50 countries over  the past 54  years  have  taken part.

Usually  Regents  Park hosts a live event every weekend, and  this, such a special fun weekend, not  one ... but two LIVE acts to accompany the Eurovision Song  Contest....

That's right  London, as we streamed  the  Events  Live  in to regents park , when its came  to the interval, (the part where  they hand  out chicken  in a basket,) we paid  our  own  tribute  to Brotherhood  Of  Man, who  themselves  sang  in  the Eurovision back  in  1976 with the Winning song  "Save All Your  Kisses For  Me"

After  Eurovision in 1976, Brotherhood  Of Man enjoyed great success in  the charts, and we sang along  with some  of  their  great  songs  such as "Angelo" , "United  We Stand ", "Figaro" and many more, the band  were always heavily  compared to ABBA, and  were dubbed the British version.

2013, and  our singing crusader was set to sing her heart out, a veteran songstress Bonnie  Tyler was carrying our  hopes  of  wining this years title.

Bonnie  Tyler  born  Gaynor  Hopkins in 1951, from Wales,  tasted  success with her first  single "Lost  In  France" which in 1976 reached  the top ten, in  the charts.

In 1977, Bonnie  had to have  an  operation to remove nodules from her vocal chords, which left her with  an instantly recognisable husky voice  that we all  know and  love .... gawd bless our  Bonnie.

It was her first appearance in  London  City, and she went down a storm, we were all singing along to her  fantastic hits,  "Total Eclipse  Of The  Heart" , "Holding  Out For A Hero", "It's A Heart Ache" and of  course  "Believe In  Me" which she was  belting  out  in  Malmo, Sweden for  Britain.

People not only came from  all  over  the grid  in  SL, but  known for  our  party atmosphere and  good times,  they came from  all over  the world to party  in  Second Life's top rated  sim, London City, you can  always count on us  to bring you the best  entertainment available anywhere, we strive for perfection, and deliver time and time again, but you already  know  that  ...you were there, singing along  and having fun....

The crowd  roared  not  only  in  SL but RL too  when  Ms Tyler  took  to  the stage, we loved  her  performance and  although we didn't win, we were all  proud  of  Bonnie, and we  want to say a huge  Congratulations  to  Denmark  for  the winning song  Only Teardrops by Emmile  De Forest.

What a fantastic night we all stayed to party  right  into  the wee hours, as we waited with baited breath to see our scores. Usually  there is  some weird and  wonderful groups  singing for  the top spot, but  this  year  the majority of songs were worthy  of  first place  Bonnie  included.

Love it or  Loathe it ,  the Eurovision  Song  Contest  has been around  over 50 years, and will probably be around 50 more, whatever your take  on  it, if  you were  in  London  City , you would have had  the most awesome  time with  us, we know how to party and have fun.

All  this, and  yet still all  the  other  things  thats  happen  in  SL's  top destination  ...  London  City...Remember that whooosh  I was talking about, here's a taster....

Here you can  take your slice  of  happiness  in  London  City, we have events  running  all  over  our 4 sims.... From  Adult no strings  fun  of  The  Crown, to the totally  themed  Juiced, to our  Fantastic  Brit  pub  The Worlds End, to our Music  lovers  club  Bar  Soho, and  our Retro  club  Substation, playing you songs from yesteryear, Right to  Madame  Lala's  fun cheeky  banter with star turns, you name it ... we have it... and more  no  wonder we are ranked  number1!!

Well that's  all from me this week,  I hope  to see you for  more  fun and  frolics nest week, in  the top destination  in SL ...London city...accept  no  imitations!!!

Roving Report  Ruby xxx

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