Monday, May 27, 2013

Help us to end the Server Disconnect Exploit

Updated: 28th May 2013
Our sincere thanks to everyone in the community who got on board with this issue and swamped the lab with AR's and Logs about this problem.
LL have just contacted us to advise that the exploit has been isolated and that they now have a fix that is in QA pending a rollout.

As of this time, they no longer require AR's nor log files.

Thank you everyone - tremendous team work!

We are working closely with Linden Lab to bring an end to the Server Disconnect exploit that is currently being inflicted on members of the London City Community and we need your help.

If you are fed up with being constantly disconnected,  let's put an end to it.

Linden Lab have asked us to ask YOU to send in your Log files to end this exploit forever.

You can help by opening a support case on the Second Life Website

Go to HELP > Support > Contact Support > Submit Case and choose the option in Land to report an OFFLINE REGION.
Where it asks you to explain what has happened, please say that you "and others have been disconnected whilst the region has remained up."

Then attach your viewer log files as attachments to the Support Case.
NB: You need to attach your files after you quit your viewer and before you re-launch it.

Remember it is not just London City that is being griefed by this exploit, you are too.  Other people don't want you to visit, so have decided they will try their best to deny you your freedom of choice.   It is sad but true, that it's always been easier to destroy than create - and rather than fix whatever problems they have in their own sims, they have resorted to griefing popular places.

This issue is now becoming more common in other estates too..  lets put an end to the Have-Nots once and for all!

We are committed to resolving this issue and ask for your help.

Thank you.

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