Monday, September 23, 2013

Introducing.. Freebie Megastore

London City is pleased to announce the launch of Freebie Megastore.

This colossal store will be on three levels and will contain over a thousand Free items including, clothing, accessories, vehicles, scripts, furnishings, buildings, club equipment and other great products .. all completely free of charge.

It has always been our guiding belief that London City Estate should be totally self sufficient and that it evolves and grows only as demand and revenues dictate. 

Our balance sheet shows that we have the long term ability to devote a significant portion of London City3 region to non-revenue generating purposes, and we have chosen to focus on a one-stop Freebie Store.

Of course, sourcing all the products we want to bring you is very time consuming and this will be a continuing project, but we hope you will visit us regularly and grab the latest products.

Thanks to our 135 merchants, we have managed to obtain many exclusive items which are not available anywhere else on the grid. We believe that obtaining bespoke goods will place Freebie Megastore at the heart of the Second Life community.

Currently we have 400 items on offer and we aim to add another 50 new items each week.

If you are a merchant or reseller and would like to contribute to Freebie Megastore, please get in touch, we would love to feature your creations.

Visit London City Freebie Megastore

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