Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Hey  London City, How's  it going?

Time to put your feet up with a nice cuppa and relax, as I tell you about  the fantastic  time we had  over the weekend  in  the  number  one  destination  in  SL, London  City.

Here in  London  City, we strive to  bring  you unique idea's and  full  on entertainment second to  none.
We have a great team  of  dedicated staff, form Support and greeters, club hosts and Dj's  right through to  management, all  with  one goal  in mind, to bring  you the best virtual experience and fun in Second  Life.

Each Saturday,  the staff bring you a fantastic  concert  in  Regents  Park, where special guests  take to  the stage  and  entertain  the masses that teleport  in for  this awesome event,  it's always good to  arrive early as  the event fills quickly.

This week we saw  the famous duo, Simon and  Garfunkel.

An american music duo, singer-songwriter Paul  Simon and  singer  Art  Garfunkel, both  born in 1941.

They started  their singing career as  Tom and  Jerry, they had a minor hit in 1957,  but Simon and Garfunkel rose to fame  in  1965, on  the strength  of  their  hit "Sound  Of  Silence".

Known  for  their  superb harmonies, London City sang  along with  some  of  their  huge songs such as  "Bridge  Over Troubled  Water",  "I Am A Rock", "Mrs  Robinson", and  one  of  their  best  know  "Bright  Eyes"  form  the film Watership  Down. (not a dry  eye  in  the place )

Everyone  loved  singing along with  the songs  they  know  and  love.

Tension  ran  high between  this duo, with  them  breaking  up and reforming several times.
 The  last reunion they played  in Central  Park,  New York in 1981,  they played to  a 500,000 strong crowd.

Along  side  the fantastic concert, we ran a best in  60's event where a lucky  resident could  win a huge  amount of  Lindens.  What a hoot,  everyone had a thoroughly awesome time.

On Sunday, we joined  the gang at  Comptons Pub,  one of  the  oldest Pubs  in  London.

Here is a relaxed atmosphere, and chilled, this week we saw  Nat King  Cole tinkle  the ivories and swoon the crowd,  with  his  soft creamy tones.

Comptons is a place  you can  meet friends, hang  out and  join  in the fun.

Well  that's  all from  me  this week,  I'll see  you  next time for  more fun and frolics in  London  City.... Number 1 destination  in  SL.... accept  no  imitations.

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxx

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