Monday, September 09, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

What a weekend!

That special buzz was in the air.. Tingly, electric.... people arriving ready for a fantastic night of entertainment is our way in London City, we bring you the best Second Life has to offer.

This weekend was no exception,  one of the favourites, "Last  Night Of The Proms".

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra took to the stage, Beautifully dressed and with an array of classical instruments.

The concert went on for over an hour, everyone loves a good sing-a-long..and the Last Night Of The Proms is the perfect fix.

So what's left to  do  ?   Conga the night away of course!

That's  all from  me  this  week, I'll see you  next time for  more  fun  and  frolics in  London City  the  number 1 destination in  SL...accept  no  imitations
Roving  Reporter  Ruby  xxxx

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