Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Hello  London City, how have you  been  ?
  Can  you  believe  its been a whole week  since  I last saw  you  ?

So, what's  new  with  you? Tell me  everything and don't skip  bits....

This week  in SL's  top  destination,  London  City,  We have seen  a great week, from  awesome  Events,  New Arrivals, Great  Staff, and  Awesome  Residents...which all go  into  the  pot  to  make  London  City  the place to  be.

Yes we  have  it  all,  whether  you are  thousands of days  old  in SL  or brand  new, we have something for  everyone, in our  Fun, Bustling,  Busy  4 sims.

We have  a unparalleled New User experience... here  you will find everything  you need to help  start  you  off  in  you  new Second  Life,  providing top  tips, to make your new experience smooth  and  fun. Found  below the Hub  in  Soho, its has an easy access, and away from  the crows  so  you can learn  just  how to get  the best  from  your avatar.

Love  shopping? ...We have a huge, wide and  varied selection of  shops to  suit everyone's purse and  tastes.... and  BRAND  NEW to  London City, we have a huge Freebie store,  full  of  top quality attire for  both men and women.
Well worth a visit, but be prepared to  spend  time  in  there,  its  huge....

Every week in Regents  Park, the staff of  London  City bring  you a fantastic  event, where you can  see a fantastic  Live show, and  take  part  in a Best In  Event, where a  lucky Resident can  win  a huge  amount of  Lindens, what a hoot...

This week we saw Alecia Beth  Moore, better  known  as  Pink, born September 1979,  Pink started her  Solo career in 2000, her first  R&B album  "Can't Make  It Home" went double platinum.

Pink has  become  one  of  the most successful  artists of  her generation, she has  sold  over 100 million records world  wide.

As she slammed  on to  the  purpose  built  London  City stage  on Saturday, she sang her socks  off, and  boy does  she pack a punch...taking no  prisoners, Residents were all singing along, and  applause rang  out through  the  London streets, along  with  "I Love  This  Tune" remarks.

Pink sang for  over an  hour, entertaining us from start to  finish, and  yes  she  isn't for  the faint hearted,  but  no one could be disappointed with  this show, she sang and danced with  such energy and passion.

Pink will be back  in  London  City for  our Christmas extravaganza... Watch out for  more details  on  that... it's gonna be huge....  unlike anything  you've seen before...

next week  we  look  forward to  STEPS in  concert,  be sure to get  there  early as  this  event fills up so quickly, so don't get  left  out  :)

Thats  all from  me  this  week,  I'll see  you for  more fun and  frolics in  London  City,  the best  place to be  in  SL.

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxx

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