Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Hey  Peeps,  how  you doing?

Well  I'm back  after  my  holidays, and  what a rip  roaring week to come back  on woohooo  yeahhh!!

We have seen some  new  venues  open  in  London  City  this week  so  stay  tunes to  find  out  more about  them.

 We  think  you are  going to enjoy  all  the  new  bits  just as  much  as  your already  favourites,  making  London  City  TOP of  the  destinations  in  SL  yet again.

We constantly  strive to  bring  you  the best  in  entertainment  and  fun, and we deliver time  and  time  again  no wonder  you  vote  us  the  best :)

So,  "Who was  in  concert this  weekend  Ruby ??" I hear  you ask...

Fasten  ya  seat  belts  and  I'll spill  the beans :)

It was  the  fab   5.... 5  guys  that ooze talent and  it can be said  they  have  the  X-factor!!!

That's  right  chums,  Take  That in  Regents  Park  on  Saturday ....can  you flippin  believe  it,  yes,  they  took  time  out to fly  in to  London and  entertain  us  for  over an  hour,  with  their  awesome  array  of  top  hit  songs.

Take  That,  an  English  group,  made  up  of  Gary  Barlow,  Robbie  Williams,  Howard Donald,  Jason  Orange,  and  Mark  Owen.

The  guys  have had  27  top 40  singles  in  the charts,  and 16  top 5  singles, 11  of which  reached  the  number  one  spot.

Take  That went down a storm  and  they are always  number  one  with  London City.
This  is  the  third  time  the  Guys  have  been to  London  and  every time  the concert  just gets  better.

Robbie  Williams  sfter  leaving  the band  rejoined  in 2010,  and  they released a new  album ,  it swiftly became  the  fastest selling album of  the 21st century.

Everyone  came to  boogie  with  the band  singing  along to such  hits as  " Everything  Changes " , " Relight  My  Fire ", "Pray",  "Babe" and  many  many  more....

With a custom  built stage, ( made  by yours  truly ) took  inspiration from  the  Circus  tour stage.

People flocked  in  their  hundreds,  for  a great  night  of  fun and  dancing...

They got so  excited  they even  rushed  the  stage  ....

The lads are  such great sports  they didn't mind  one  bit, and  enjoyed  the  interaction  with  the fans.

There was also a best in  British  contest  too  where  residents  were invited to  turn  up  with  some  kind  of  Union  Jack  clothing  what a hoot!!!

A winner was  voted  for  and  that  lucky resident  won a stash  full  of  Lindens ... Well done  them  :)

Well  that's all from  me  this  week,  I'll see  you next  time for  more  fun and frolics  in  London  City... The  number 1  destination  in  SL....Accept  no  imitations!!!

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxxx

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