Saturday, September 06, 2014

London City content using Advanced Creator Tools Beta - Update

London City Weather Experience 
London City is part of the Linden Lab closed Beta for Advanced Creator Tools.
This is an update of content located in the estate using Experience Keys.  
Automatic Dance Floor
Animates an avatar upon entering a night club and allows them to cycle through dance via collision or by touching a board.  Animation ends when they exit the club.

Located at:
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Featured Destination Portals
A Teleport portal system that works on collision.  Each portal cycles its destination every minute and displays a hover text in the centre to say where the destination is and on which region.    This is also used to teleport agents to picturesque locations outside of the estate (with the consent of the owners of the featured locations).
Also offers a link back to the original point of TP with an offset of 5m to prevent the agent from landing on top of the portal triggering an unwanted teleport.
Located at:
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Regent's Bitter
Demonstration item.   A beer bottle that attaches and can be drunk whilst playing a sound.   This is an item intended to show Experience Tools Proof of Concept only and is an early example.
Located at:
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Other Projects

Treasure Hunt Hud
We are working on a HUD device to offer clues to locations of prizes.  When at item is found, clues to the next location will be delivered in a thin, non invasive ticker-tape strap at the bottom of the screen for 10 seconds.  This will be available by end of September.

Auto Brolly!

We're in the final stages of Automatic Umbrellas, triggered by the Weather Experience. This adds an additional layer of fun and realism.  No more getting drenched every time it rains.  Opt in to the experience and get a random coloured brolly to keep your avatar dry for the duration of the shower!

This and more, very soon.

London City - Original and Innovative Inventions

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  1. Will everyone be able to use this new programming?