Monday, September 01, 2014

Lumiere - the dream of a northern popsicle

Lumia VanDouser owner of fashion brand Lumiere has relaunched her store with brand new designs.

We asked Lumi about her journey in Second Life.  From her first building to the brand that she now owns using the latest technologies:

"My friend is an amazing builder, who taught me to build from basic prims. This was the time when even sculpts were a new deal.
So I made a chair and got bitten by the builders bug!  I kept doing stuff, forgetting to name it so I have about 20 thousand items in my inventory called "object".

My friend asked me "Why don't you sell those?", and I thought, 'Yeah. Why not?'

I always wanted to look nice. Even if it was just in a virtual world. There's not much to wear for a plus size rockish punkish bohemic girl such as me, and even in the virtual world I was poor! So I thought - 'how hard can it be?'

Lumiere is a store where you can find detailed clothing and accessories even when you're on a budget.
There's always some items on sale, as gifts or just me being anti-business and giving few things away.

In the store you find the most recent items on a low rate and some old popular ones hanging about. "

"Here we are today, re-launching the store that I never knew would become a recognized brand. What started as a small brain-fart store on Marketplace, has developed into an overwhelming deal - in a good way.

To the loyal group members, supporting friends and people who offer help and store space,  I couldn't had done this without you. Thank you!

So welcome to Lumiere!"

You can visit Lumiere here and grab yourself a fantastic introductory bargain at a hugely reduced rate and join in the celebrations of the Lumiere brand relaunch!

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