Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Destination added to London City Portals

The following locations have been added to the third party Portal Destination in London City.  Walk through the portal to arrive at these destinations.

"That's Italy" located on the MIC region has been added to the destination Portal. This intriguing build lets you explore ancient ruins and scavenge from old cargo vessels listing at sea from the comfort of your hovercraft.

Prim Hearts Funfair and Amusements located at Prim Hearts.  Rollercoaster, log plume, ferris wheels, octopus and other funfair amusements.
Old Time Radio at Wyrd, is a 1940s sitting room parlour playing war time radio programmes in a setting of that era with new re-broadcast shows each week.

Enjoy these destinations.  To submit a destination please click the Support Ticket option on this blog and state that it is a destination you would like to recommend.

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