Monday, September 01, 2014

Revisiting Braunworth

A number of years ago London City bought a plot of land in Braunworth, an Infohub for new residents.

In the days of the Infohub boom, land was phenomenally expensive and the plot we were lucky enough to snap up was directly in line of sight where the new avatars were born.

With so many additional spawning areas being added to Second Life over the past 5 years, the importance of Infohub land has diminished and the land has devalued and we have to admit that our Braunworth land had become more than a little neglected.

So it was a fun project for us this weekend to revisit this place and build a new exhibit to dazzle the next generation of New Residents,  if they are lucky enough to touch down in the Braunworth Infohub. 

Should be good for another 5 years :)

Visit it here:

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