Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Victoria (London City3)

Two weeks ago we began an ambitious project to redevelop London City3, whilst it was fully operational and fully rented.

First of all, we would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to over fifty merchants with stores in London City3 who helped us by moving their vendors in a timely fashion, enabling us to complete the region rebuild this week.  Also to thank the venue managers and Support Team for moving all of their kit to new locations.   This was a massive undertaking and we are pleased it has gone relatively smoothly without too much "junk" hanging in the air!

The reason for the rebuild of the Victoria region was to improve traffic flow, remove bottlenecks, update old original buildings and revert the terrain which has been causing collision problems for a couple of years!

The new layout enables us to facilitate a natural and more appealing flow and to accommodate more merchants wishing to have presence within the estate.   To this end, the hub area, previous located in the centre of the region is now located toward the north and enables us to make ten new stores in key locations available for the first time.

We hope you will enjoy our low lag rebuild and visit all of the clubs and attractions this region has to offer.  Of course the refinements are not totally completed yet.  Building a region is easy, adding the bits and bobs takes time!

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